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Renovation and enlargement


The hotel will offer 5 new air-conditioned rooms including a PMR room accessible by a lift, secure paid private parking of 6 places.


Here is some information about the work progress :


1 - This is, the work has started well. The demolition machines took possession of the land. First cup. Next in 15 days :



2 - 23 September 2019, the démolition ends. Ground preparation for structural work. See you soon for the next events :



3 - 9 October :Setting up the drill for the realization of the foundations. The concrete slab for the entrance, hall small, large living room are pouring and the openings overlooking the new part are made.



4 - 3 november, there is the last photos. The piles and the retaining wall were made. Now we are waiting for earthworks in a few days. To be continued…



16 december : After several weeks without our news, we are pleased to announce that the work is progressing. The basement has been dug, the prices rest me and the casing performed..



20 december : Latest work  carried out in 2019 : the floor slab has been poured. We wish you happy holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in 2020 for the rest of the adventure. Nathalie et Dominique



February 7: We would like to present you all our best wishes for this new year, Health, Happiness and may all your wishes come true. We are sorry to have left you without news for a month. But as you can see the project has progressed well both inside and out. The walls are up, we continue to renovate our rooms. This year for those who have stayed with us, these are our two comfortable double rooms 9 and 10 upstairs. See you soon and thank you for your support.